Distributed Systems Group

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Current Projects

  • Joint Lab Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    VW Sprung [2023-2028]

  • FRED – Frischemanagement von Farm2Fork in der Edge
    Sub-Project: Trusted Edge Infrastructure and Explainable AI for the Optimization of the Food Supply Chain
    BMWK [2022-2025]

  • Edge-supporting Nomadic CAMPus-Networks for Spot-Farming
    Sub-Project: Dynamic Edge/Cloud Migration via an adaptive Internet-Connection of nomadic Campus-Networks for Spot-Farming
    BMDV [2023-2024]

  • COntinue TeleTeaching as GErman Support for Computer Science at LPNU (COTTAGES 4 CS @ LPNU)
    DAAD [2022-2024]

  • Green Segment Routing
    DFG [2022-2026]

  • Robust Networking for Cyber Physical Systems
    HARTING [seit 2016]

  • BonnMotion
    [since 2005]

Old Projects

Cooperation Partnerships

HARTING Fraunhofer FKIE CSM Toilers

Deutsche Telekom Detecon