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BonnMotion FAQ

Question 1
Q: What is BonnMotion?

A: Check the front page of

Question 2
Q: I used BonnMotion for my research. Which reference should be cited in publications?

A: Please cite:
N. Aschenbruck, R. Ernst, E. Gerhards-Padilla, and M. Schwamborn: "BonnMotion - a Mobility Scenario Generation and Analysis Tool," in Proc. of the 3rd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools '10), Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain, 2010.

Question 3
Q: On which platform does BonnMotion run on?

A: BonnMotion should run on any platform which has a Java runtime environment compatible to Oracle Java 1.8. It has been tested and developed on Linux and OSX and is known to work on Windows.

Question 4
Q: Do I need Cygwin to run BonnMotion on Windows?

A: No! The only requirement for BonnMotion is an Oracle Java 1.8 compatible Java runtime environment (known as java-jre).

Question 5
Q: Running "bm" results in the message "bm command not found". What's wrong?

A: The BonnMotion scripts are not added to your search path by default. Either do this manually or run BonnMotion from "bonnmotion/bin"

Question 6
Q: How to install BonnMotion?

A: Just run the "install" script from the BonnMotion directory (since BonnMotion v2.0, "compile" is run automatically at the end of the install script).
On Linux:

  1. Unzip BonnMotion archive: unzip
  2. Change directory to BonnMotion directory: cd bonnmotion-2.0/
  3. Run install script: ./install
  4. Run BonnMotion from "bin" folder: cd bin && ./bm

Question 7
Q: I get the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: edu/bonn/cs/iv/bonnmotion/run/BM Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: (further output skipped)

A: The starter script "bm" cannot find the java class files. Typically, running "compile" from "bin/" was omitted during install.

Question 8
Q: What format does the default BonnMotion output have?

A: "The native format in which BonnMotion saves the movement traces is node-by-line waypoint based. This means that there is one line for each node. This line contains all the waypoints. A waypoint is a position at which the movement of a node (e.g. direction, velocity) changes. A waypoint consists of: o the simulation time in seconds at which the waypoint is reached by the node o the x and y coordinates of the position of the waypoint." (BonnMotion Documentation from June 10th, 2009 / BonnMotion 1.4)

Question 9
Q: I have trouble running the DisasterArea model. Can you explain it to me?

A: You can find information on and An example is given in doc/da_example/

Question 10
Q: I have trouble using the output of the ns-2-converter for DisasterArea scenarios. What are the extra information that are not recognized by ns-2?

A: The disaster area mobility model is a very complex model. Hence, some aspects of this model are not covered by the standard ns-2 (=> status updates) and the protocols implemented there. If you have a closer look at src/edu/bonn/cs/iv/bonnmotion/apps/ you will see that there is a special export for DisasterArea scenarios.
If you are sure you do not need the extra information, a quick solution should be to remove the "if(s.getModelName().equals(DisasterArea.MODEL_NAME))"-block in src/edu/bonn/cs/iv/bonnmotion/apps/

Question 11
Q: Is BonnMotion compatible with OpenJDK (typical JRE in Linux distributions)?

A: To the best of our knowledge, current OpenJDK cannot be used with BonnMotion. Ubuntu users can use the sun-java-packages (up to Ubuntu 11.04). Due to license changes these packages are no longer part of the Ubuntu repositories. Oracle provides free downloads of the necessary binaries on their website (

Question 12
Q: BonnMotion supports 3D movements. Does this mean that my simulator also supports 3D through BonnMotion?

A: BonnMotion supports 3D scenario movement output. If you want to use 3D mobility scenarios in a simulator, the simulator itself has to support 3D. Scenarios generated with BonnMotion do not enable a simulator to support 3D.

Question 13
Q: I have a question not answered here. Where can I ask for help?

A: You can find contact information on the official BonnMotion homepage (